Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pasha's triple revenge!

Hi Everyone,

I demanded to have not one but THREE plates of Tuna nom!
Ani was still feeling bad for having me locked in the bathroom the other day, so she felt bad obeyed my orders!
The nom she gave me had Tuna AND pieces of potatoes in it!
What?!!! She thinks I'm dumb?!
Like I can't tell the difference between Tuna and potato!
I sat in front of my THREE plates and took my triple revenge.
I found all the potato pieces....

.... and blah!!!... spit them out!
She can now clean up after me :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Imprisoned Pasha!

Hi Everyone!

I get right to it, since I'm not in the mood for extra detailing!

Ani had me locked in the bathroom today.... for 8 long agonizing hours!!!

She claims it was an accident, that she didn't know I was there, that she kept looking for me and calling me when she came home! She even had the nerve to ask why I didn't make a noise when she kept calling me!!!! 
As if I had any energy left!
People, I was starving!
 I almost died!
I was seeing stars already!

I made friends with not one but two spiders!
I think for a while I even hallucinated about a juicy mousie!
As soon as that door was opened after sooooooo many hours I bolted out like a crazy cat!
I had to jump on the first bowl of food I could get my paws on before fainting!
I didn't even look at Ani, and I'm the one who always runs to greet her... but not today!

She will have to pay for this!!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Pasha likes a VET?!!!

Hi everyone,

I was on Ani's lap being a pest helping her to catch up with her online duties!

We discovered a new bloggie we liked.
It belongs to a VET lady. Yes a VET!!!!
We thought we should share it with everybody because they have lots of good information there!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pasha and the naughty Lady Bugs!

Hi Everyone!

Let me tell you what happened here lately, since it's been a while.
We have been having some problems with some itsy bitsy bugs in our backyard.
The genius that Ani is, She decided to go buy some Lady bugs, so they could have a feast on the itsy bitsy bugs!

I pursonally gave instructions to the "Ladies" to go and eat the itsy bitsies!

You'd think they would've listened, right?

Those naughty Lady bugs were too excited to finally be free! 
They started coming out in millions!

They must have thought it was their honeymoon because in no time they all started mating!!!
Eating was the last thing in their minds!
The next day when we went outside to check on them, they were all gone!
They came. They mated. They left! Wah!!!
We still have the itsy bitsy bugs. They are having a party out there celebrating the "Ladies'" weddings!!!

End of report!