Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our whereabouts!

Hi everyone!
↓ Pasha ↓

I'm still in a battle, practicing my bestest yoga moves for the fight!

↓ Sima ↓
I'm in a battle too! I'm a born fighter!

↓ Sweet ↓
I keep taking a good care of my mama; Sima, and purraying for that toothless boy; Pasha!

↓ Moonjoo ↓
I'm recovering from a fight wound myself!

↓ Poonjoo ↓

I'm just sun-puddling!

↓ Ani ↓
↓ ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ ↓
? ? ?
↓ ↓ ↓
We can't find Ani!
She might have gone UTB*?!
*Under The Bed


Monday, March 10, 2014

Pasha's thank you note!

Hi everyone!
It's me Pasha; Mommy's good boy :)
As you all know my good buddy Austin gave me a great Sunshine award and a shout out to all of his friends to come visit me and wish me a quick recovery in my battle!

I thank you Austin and his Mommy very much!
That made Ani cry.... again!
She's been doing that a lot lately.
She says it's her contribution to help solve California's drought problem!
She's also been giving me some yucky stuff!
She says it's good for my fight. I'm still waiting to see when I can use my claws!
I've been enjoying the sunshine as much as my award though!
We thank everyone's great comments and well wishes from the bottom of our hearts, and it's been really nice to make new friends.
We haven't had the chance yet, but we will visit each and everyone to thank pursonally :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pasha's fight!

So it begins!
Hi Everyone, Ani here.
Pasha and I will be fighting this new developments on his health.
I have ordered some natural supplements and am looking into different ways of administering them, so Pasha can receive the full benefits of them.
Life is too precious to let it slip by, specially if it's that of a very special boy!
We do appreciate everyone's concerns, well wishes and encouragements.
I will give my best to stay strong and win this fight!

Picture taken yesterday 3/7/14

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We have the sads!

Hi Everyone,
Ani here; Pasha's Mommy!
Pasha went for surgery today to remove the rest of his teeth! In the middle of surgery I received a call from the dentist telling me that the tumor in his mouth has taken away majority of his jaw bone. He had loose teeth which needed to come out, but she didn't want to take his entire teeth out.
There is no point in doing so, she said!
She took out the loose teeth and the part of the tumor that was inside his mouth to make him comfortable.
She was certain it is cancer!
We're still waiting for biopsy results.
Pasha is in good spirits purring his little blessed heart away!
I can't describe my feelings; total shock I guess!
How does a mommy prepare to say goodbye to her boy?.... just how?
I want to hold him and never let him go!
God help me survive this!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ani's report on Pasha!

Hi Everyone, Ani Here; Pasha's mommy.
I wanted to give some update on Pasha's condition, specially that there seems to have been some confusion on his upcoming surgery.
He hasn't had his 2nd surgery yet. It is scheduled for upcoming Wednesday.
He is facing a new challenge though.
Last time they did the surgery he had a growth on the side of his mouth which they took out.
After biopsy they said it came back consistent with stomatitis.
In our last visit to the dentist she mentioned that they had seen some pre-cancerous cells in that growth.
I was very disappointed that they were telling me that just now... some 40 days after the surgery.
That growth is back again, and they have to take it out again.
This time they are planning on taking out all of his teeth (except the 3 remaining fangs.)
I have contacted the dentist and wanted them to get very aggressive with the growth on the side of his mouth. I'm afraid if nothing is done it'll just keep popping out again and again.
My boy has been through so much, and he really deserves to get a break.
The dentist mentioned the use of CO2 lasers to vaporize the tissue.
I'll be in touch with them tomorrow morning to come up with an exact plan.
I am terribly worried and feeling very guilty for having waited this long to do a full mouth extraction, relying on the cocktail he was getting from Dallas to help keep his stomatitis under control.
We all need some serious prayers coming our way please!
Our bloggie friends mean the world to us, and your good thoughts and comments are very much appreciated. In the mean while I wanted to ask for advice. If anybody has been through this kind of situation I'll be more than grateful to hear what's the right coarse of action to take.
I feel like having a brain freeze, and it's very hard for me to concentrate and make decision for my boy!
Thank you friends, and sorry if I've been down a bit. I'm really struggling with anxiety and depression, but still kicking and fighting!

Lord God, Please be with my boy!