Our expenses!

The invoice for the removal of Pasha's bad teeth.
Stomatitis cats can only have their teeth removed by veterinary specialized dentists to make sure all of the root fragments come out. They use special x-rays to insure of this which regulars vets don't have. That's why the procedures are very costly.
This is only for the removal of his 4.5 teeth and a growth in his mouth.
Unfortunately the rest of his teeth still need to come out.
The invoice from Pasha's consultation visit to the dentist before removal of his teeth.
Invoice for Pasha's blood panel and exam when he went in for severe pain he was having.
 Invoice for Pasha's x-rays, pain patch and antibiotics to help with his pain.
The invoice for Sima's ear infection 2/16/14
The invoice for Sima's Urine Culture 2/3/14
The invoice for Sima's blood test that indicated her Kidney failure.
Invoice for Sima's fluids.
Invoice for Sima's recheck on kidney values and T4 levels.

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