Sima's story!

Sima is my girlfriend. She is the oldest most mature kitty in here. She is all other kitties’ Mommy. Her name stands for “Black Mama”. She is very wise and extremely smart. Ani says she is an Alpha Cat… not sure what that is, but it sounds good!

I talked with Sima and asked her to tell me her story. I wanted to know how she ended up here with Ani.

Sima looked me in the eye and then looked away. I could tell she went deep into her thoughts. Her gaze was at the horizon, but her mind had already traveled way back into the past. After a short while I got the courage to ask her if she was disturbed by the memories of her past. She started laughing and said, "No, I just had to pass some gas!"

We both laughed hysterically, but then I saw that twinkle in her eyes; that one undeniable shine of memories past. She took a deep breath looked straight in front of her and started talking.....
The full story coming soon to a kindle near you!
Sima and Pasha

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Red Puff said...

Love this page! Get well soon Sima and Pasha - thinking about you :)