Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweet's prayer!

I saw Sweet praying, and I'm pretty sure I heard my name in it.

I think she's been praying that I don't lose my good looks after losing some of my teeth!
I hope she includes some lines for Sima's well being!
At the same time ↓

Dear God, Please keep an eye on my Mama, Sima and keep her healthy and happy!
... and please oh please grant that toothless boy, Pasha some sense!
PS. We truly apologize to our generous donors if they have received a cancellation notice. We have switched the company in charge of transferring the funds of donations from "WePay" to "PayPal". We hope this will smoothen things out.
Thanks a bunch for all your support and help!
Ani and the gang

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet tending to Sima!

Sweet is very attached to her Mommy Sima.
She doesn't leave her side now and keeps tending to her.

Sima is on fluids treatments and doing as good as expected on them.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Helping Pasha!

Hi Everyone!
Do you like our new changes?
We had a hard time deciding on the colors. If you have better suggestions let us know :)
Ani has done something she's never done before.
Update: Katnip Lounge was so kind to mention that there is a high fee involved with donations. We will add a new source shortly. thank you!
She has added a new donation bar on the right side of the page to help us with my expenses.
I had 4 of my teeth removed, plus a little tiny one that could count as a half tooth.
I have stomatitis. That's nothing new. I always had it, but it was somewhat under control with a special cocktail that comes from Dallas.
Recently I had really bad flare-ups and that really hurt my mouth.
We had no other choice but to go to the dentist to do a clean up and remove the bad teeth. I still need to have the rest of my teeth removed. Yikes!!!!
Ani says these are very expensive procedures, and since some of our friends were already willing to help us financially, we opened a door to make it possible.
All of your generosity is greatly appreciated!
Sima is getting fluids every other day to help with her kidneys. We hope she will be with us for a much longer time. I give my girl daily kisses to keep her happy :)

PS. We have a new page on top of the blog where you can see my teeth.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My good girl Sima!

Hi Everyone!
Ani here; Pasha's Mommy.
My good girl Sima just got diagnosed with kidney failure.
She also has developed some unknown jaw problems, and she already has had hyperthyroidism.
We're doing all we can, but having two sick babies at the same time is just too overwhelming!
I was sent home from work today, since all I could do was sit there and cry!
We hope you'll understand if we'll be out of the scenes for a while, and as always your prayers are very helpful and comforting!
PS. Pasha seems to be doing better. His stomatitis was confirmed through biopsy. That means the rest of his teeth have to come out!

Thank you for being there!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pasha and the tooth fairy!

Hi Everyone,
Ani is telling me that tooth fairy came yesterday and stole 4.5 of my teeth!
I know it better! It wasn't the tooth fairy! It was that mean Dentist lady!
She didn't even leave a quarter for each tooth! She took a gazillion of those to keep my teeth!

Can you see the pain patch on my foot?

And if you look closely you'll notice that the right side of my face is still puffy!

 It hurt all the way to the moon!
But I'm a good trooper! I'm being a good boy!... so far!