Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Raccoon!

Part one:
  1. Ani needed some tiles.
  2. The Dad says I found tiles.
  3. Ani leaves a small box in front yard for the Dad.
  4. The Dad can't make it, but the wind shows up!
  5. The big wind takes the box, turns it sideways, and pushes it under the truck parked in driveway.
  6. Ani sees the box, but too pooped lazy to pick it up.

Part Two:
  1. Ani hears screaming noise @ 3:00 AM
  2. Goes out the back yard to see what the $!#@!!!
  3. Raccoons screaming!
  4. Ani thinks neighbors have trapped raccoons..... again! URGH!!!!
  5. Back to bed .... screaming continues!
  6. Out the bed again to see what the  $!#@!!!
  7. Now, Pasha, Sima, Sweet, Moonjoo, Poonjoo and neighbor's cat Raven are all up!
  8. Things are tense, ears are sticking up!
  9. Ani sees a big Raccoon runing away from the scream scene, all ticked off!
  10. Back inside, back to bed!
  11. The screaming is louder and closer!
  12. Ani goes out the side door to the driveway!
  13. The itsy bitsy baby Raccoon sitting by the truck screaming... the big mean one on it's tail to bite!
  14. Ani to the rescue!!!!
  15. The big mean Raccoon runs away!
  16. The little baby all wounded and sick under the truck!

Part three:

  1. 5:00 AM Ani on the phone calling the whole world!
  2. Help!!! Help!!! Baby Raccoon injured!!!
  3. Nobody cares!
  4. Ani checks on crying baby Raccoon.
  5. It's under the truck inside the box, of its own will!
  6. Ani goes buys milk, warms it up, offers it to the Raccoon.... no drinking!
  7. 7:00 AM Some lady calls back, gives bunch of phone numbers... no help!
  8. Ani takes the Baby Raccoon inside. It's in the box, of its own will!
  9. Soft sweater in the box to keep baby happy!
  10. Ani finds SPCA to take Raccoon.
  11. She drives to Pasadena with the Baby in the box!
  12. The poor thing is handed over. They take him to Emergency for treatment!
  13. Ani misses work!

The End!

Me? I'm just tired watching all of this!

Pee Ess: We don't know how to get rid of that "1." down the page!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Duo brothers and the Wind!

Hi Everyone!

We had a windy day a few days back, and Moonjoo and Poonjoo the duo brothers were busted captured playing with the wind!

Ani thought it was a brilliant idea to publish their foolishness!

As if I care!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Purry Pasha!

Hi Everyone!

I need to clarify something to my bloggie furiends!
Ani didn't find Nemo in my tummy. It might have looked like one, but it was only... well, .... gas :)

I'm ok and all purry!!!

My dentist still wants to steal all of my teeth, but that's a different story!

Here is me being all purry and twisting my tongue at the same time!