Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mr. Hopper!

Guess who made an appearance again today?
Mr. Hopper, of course... he was up for the shock of his life.
He thought staying away from us kitties is safe enough.
Little did he know about Ani's silly knowledge of hoppers!
You see, Ani told me their secret;
If you put a stick of grass in a hopper's mouth, they'll "smoke" it!
It sounds crazy! I know, but Ani was determined to give it a try!

I will let Mr. Hopper take it over to let you know what happened.

It's me, Mr. Hopper here!

 You wouldn't believe what happened to me today?

 Out of all the houses on this street, I just had to pick the one with the crazy lady!
She came to me with a stick in her hand! 
"What the heck! What's this?" 
"Hey! you loco woman! that's not my mouth!"
"Oh boy!!!"

"HEY!!!  @*%$ $&*(@#* $$*^@#  $%#*%&$"
 *Sorry if I mis-spelled anything. The stupid spell-check is not working!
"I can't believe this!!!! I am out of here!!!"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pasha the gentleman cat!

I had a trio!
I shared my food with the girls :)

(Ani's version: Pasha was ambushed by the girls cause they wanted his food!)

Being the gentleman cat that I am, I decided to leave my the dish and let the girls have it!

I just sat aside and drooled.... waiting.... patiently!

(Ani's version: Pasha was pushed aside by the girls... while drooling!)

Unitl one ....
by one....
.... they left out of respect for me!
I went back to my the dish, and finished it, so no food would be wasted!

(Ani's version: girls were full and left, and Pasha got the left-overs!)

What did you expect? It was TUNA!!!

(Ani's version: What did you expect? It was TUNA!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pasha's ant and a visitor!

I don't like ants, and we have lots of them in our backyard.
I had one big nasty fire ant get up on my arm!
Get it off me!!! ... get it off me!!!

Can you see it on my paw?
Ani came to my rescue and took miss antie off me :)

We also had another uninvited visitor.... again!

Ani did not want to have anything to do with this one!
We're not sure what happened to Mr. Hopper!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pasha 6/26 and some!

You see this picture below?... that's me on 6/26/11 exactly one year ago!

Can you see the scar from the stitches of the surgery on my forehead?
Ani used to call it my lucky star!
The tip of my right ear was also still very sore and black!
The VET-Lady cut the tip of my ear! Ani let them have it for doing so!
All is well now, and I'm all healed from my wounds :)

I did a first today!
You see all that fur on my tongue?

I yaked it all on the kitchen floor!
That was a first for me :)
I wonder if Ani will call it my lucky yak?!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pasha sleeping!

Very sorry for the delay again!
We'll be back very soon!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pasha's award!

I received my very first award from Repositorio :)
She is one of my biggest fans who has been following me from day 1!

I am supposed to illuminate everybody with an untold secret.
Ok, here it goes: I snore in my sleep! Hee hee!!!

I'm supposed to answer 11 question:

1-What is happiness to you?
Eat, nap, purr.

2-What is your dream consumer?

3-Mention two defects that you have:
Bad back, no jewels.

4 What are two qualities that you have:
Handsome and smart.

5 - What is your favorite pet?

6 - Do you have any pets? What?
Yes, my Blankie :)

7-What super power would you want?
Had it, lost it (My Jewels).

8-What is your greatest fear?

9 - What do you most like to see on blogs?
Sexy cat ladies :)

10-What is your favorite book?

11-Do you have any hobbies?
Scratching the ESS!

Ani is supposed to answer 11 questions too:

1. Where do you live?
In a cat house!

2. Why did you create this blog?
Pasha made me!

3. How many animals live with you?
5, not including me!

4. What´s their names?
Pasha, Sima, Sweet, Poonjoo, Moonjoo and Ani.

5. Your type of music preferred:

6. Are you missing...
My memory!

7. Do you like any sports? What?
Soccer, Brazil is my favorite team... Kaka rules :)

8. Do you have any physical activity? What?
Chasing after cats!

9. Your biggest concern today:

10. What leaves you in peace?

11. Where would you rather be right now?
In a pool!

We want to pass this award along to our new friend Jasper as a way of introducing his new blog. His Mom has been another one of my big fans, and whenever Ani gets too lazy to update my blog, she'll make remind her to do so :) 
We ask Jasper and his mummy to pick any of the questions and answer them, but a secret has to be revealed :)

Most anybody else we know has already received this award, but if you'd like to illuminate us with any secrets, please feel free to pick it!