Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pasha in the dog house!

I was in the dog house. I wanted to pick a fight with Poonjoo when Ani let me out last night. He is a cici boy and easy to tease. The dude is afraid of cameras, so Ani has very little pictures of him. Heh, I pose for dozens of pictures every day. Any ways, I chased him to the street, and then went after him to show him who the new owner of the house is. Ani got mad and put me in the dog house, literally.

I did say I was sorry...

... and that I was really ashamed of what happened...

...but after Ani didn't buy any of that, I had to play really cute...
...that did it.

I still spent the rest of the night behind the bars in my pin though.

Somehow Ani thinks I haven't learned my lessons yet. I'm not sure which one she is talking about. Oh well!!

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