Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ani's report on Pasha!

Hi Everyone, Ani Here; Pasha's mommy.
I wanted to give some update on Pasha's condition, specially that there seems to have been some confusion on his upcoming surgery.
He hasn't had his 2nd surgery yet. It is scheduled for upcoming Wednesday.
He is facing a new challenge though.
Last time they did the surgery he had a growth on the side of his mouth which they took out.
After biopsy they said it came back consistent with stomatitis.
In our last visit to the dentist she mentioned that they had seen some pre-cancerous cells in that growth.
I was very disappointed that they were telling me that just now... some 40 days after the surgery.
That growth is back again, and they have to take it out again.
This time they are planning on taking out all of his teeth (except the 3 remaining fangs.)
I have contacted the dentist and wanted them to get very aggressive with the growth on the side of his mouth. I'm afraid if nothing is done it'll just keep popping out again and again.
My boy has been through so much, and he really deserves to get a break.
The dentist mentioned the use of CO2 lasers to vaporize the tissue.
I'll be in touch with them tomorrow morning to come up with an exact plan.
I am terribly worried and feeling very guilty for having waited this long to do a full mouth extraction, relying on the cocktail he was getting from Dallas to help keep his stomatitis under control.
We all need some serious prayers coming our way please!
Our bloggie friends mean the world to us, and your good thoughts and comments are very much appreciated. In the mean while I wanted to ask for advice. If anybody has been through this kind of situation I'll be more than grateful to hear what's the right coarse of action to take.
I feel like having a brain freeze, and it's very hard for me to concentrate and make decision for my boy!
Thank you friends, and sorry if I've been down a bit. I'm really struggling with anxiety and depression, but still kicking and fighting!

Lord God, Please be with my boy!


Angel Prancer Pie said...

We will be purring like crazy for you, Pasha! (and your Mom) We hope you get better soon. >>smooches<< from all of us.

The Island Cats said...

We are purring mega purrs for Pasha and hope he is better soon.

Sparkle said...

I am sending all the purrs in my power for Pasha! I hope the surgery and the treatment he gets from the vets make sure that this growth stays away this time!

The Florida Furkids said...

We're sending super duper healing purrs and prayers out to Pasha.

The Florida Furkids

PDX pride said...

Purrrrayers and prayers coming your way for both of you!!!! Lydia had stomatitis and then developed intestinal cancer a few months after all her teeth were extracted. We know how scary this whole process is, but we believe you are doing the right thing for Pasha. Since you weren't given all the information right away when the dentist saw the pre-cancerous tissue, you made the best decision possible with the information you had. Please try not to blame yourself! Please also ask the dentist why she didn't tell you right away about the pre-cancerous tissue to help you make decisions and emphasize how helpful it would have been. Sometimes with stomatitis the cancer can develop really fast, and sometimes cancer doesn't develop at all. With our Lydia, the doctor said that her intestinal cancer was connected with her stomatitis, but that it took a few months for the cells to develop. After they started developing, they grew very quickly. If we could've done surgery for her to take her tumor out, we would've. You're definitely right in having the dentist remove all tissue that may be infected so that there will be less of a chance of the tumor returning.

Hugs, prayers, and purrrayers to both of you!!! If you want to talk, you can e-mail me.

-- the PDX pride and Mommy Karen.

Red Puff said...

I’m sure you will get great advice here - my only advice is get a second opinion - especially after seeing your vet not tell you something so darn important for such a long time.

Crafting Queen said...

Poor Pasha, sending lots of hugs and prayers.

Cathy Keisha said...

I am sending some powerful healing purrz Pasha’s way. The best article I’ve read is this one on the Stomatitis issue. Give Pasha a big smoochie from me and tell him I love him.

Maggie @shelter-cats said...

Sorry that I don't have any advice- just want to send very good wishes and purrs for Pasha and for you!

Austin Towers said...

I am really sorry Pasha has to go through this painful thing! As you might know Austin has Stomatitis and he has lesions come up in his mouth. The vet uses a cryogenic type freezing method on his mouth and then removes the lesions. It has worked better than we had hoped, though he did notice this last time he was checked that there was the possibility of a couple more on his gums, so we might have to have it done again. So far he has not had to have any teeth removed. You might want to google to see if you can find out more, though I suspect that Pasha has already gone a long way down that road :(

I am keeping you and Pasha in my thoughts and prayers. Caro xx

Katie Isabella said...

I am glad to meet you precious little loved baby. I asked my furriend Mariodacat to write you about his experience.

You will have prayers dearest little baby. From me and from others. Sending love.

Mariodacat said...

Hi my name is Mario and I've had Stomatitis. I am toothless, and have been for 3 years now and am doing just fine. I can even eat kibble, if M buys the small size kibbles for me. We strongly suggest that you remove the fangs too, because they will also have stomatitis. I have a tab at the top of my page that tells all about my problem with Stomatitis.

You can even email my human at

Katie Isabella said...

That precious prayer from mom just has tears and she said she will, and I will purr, Pasha. Promise.

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh, poor Ani, and poor Pasha! We will have you in our purrayers...having sick kitties is so scary.

Ann Boyajian said...

Oh dear, we are so sorry to hear this! We have no experience with stomatitis, but Mariodacat's comments make sense. It is very stressful making health decisions for your kittehs. Try not to feel guilty! You are doing the best you can.
We are purring very hard for you.