Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You were dearly LOVED!!!

My Pash boy,
I received a very lovely card from your VET at Montrose Pet Hospital yesterday.
They didn't know you were in heaven until last week.
I know you hated going there, but they loved you so much!
Everyone has signed the card.
Let me show it to you my boy!
See how unforgettable you are!!!
Can you blame them?!!


 Of course I sent them a Thank you card with your pictures on it.
Thank you MPH for caring for my boy!



The Island Cats said...

Yes...Pasha was loved. We miss him too. Purrs....

Summer said...

That was so nice of them to send a card. Actually, Montrose is only about 10 minutes from where we live!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Sending you purrs and ((hugs)).

We miss Pasha, too.


Austin Towers said...

It's so hard for you. He was a lovely boy! How kind they were to send the card! Sending soft purrs and hugs xox

Katie Isabella said...

He was a beautiful precious loved boy and his mommy's good boy. I cam late tot knowing him but when I saw him here, I fell in love with him. That was a beautiful and respectful card. I am so glad you have it. xxooxx

Everycat said...

It's so kind when vets send cards to the family left behind. How lovely to know that everyone there loved him too.

It's really touching to see all the beautiful pictures of Pasha you are posting. He was such a beautiful lad

& The Ape xx