Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm still waiting!

Notice something?  Well, the tip of my ear is gone. The “vet” lady did it to me. Ani says I can get a prosthetic ear tip, but I say if I can  do that, then I’d rather get it in a different part that was also removed. I won’t even  lift my tail any more. It’s embarrassing….
I’ve heard everybody loves me, and there  are bunch  of well wishers for me, but I’m still waiting for someone  to accept me as their  “shadow” for ever (that’s what Ani calls me). I don’t know what she means by that? Heh….
I ‘m not getting along with Poonjoo; one of  Ani’s spoiled bunch. She says it’s not me. It’s him…. I know that already.
I have let go of lots of  my street manners and am practicing to purr more and hiss less. I still get confused some times which is which, but I’m doing much better.
So, who is it going to be? Pass me along will ya? Ask Ani for more copies. She thinks  I’m like hitting the Jack-pot with cute kitties…. I’d say…..

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