Monday, August 22, 2011

Pasha then and now!

Look! Ani found an old picture of mine from 2006.

Back then I had all 4 of my k9 teeth.
 I'm missing one now.
Back then I had two full ears.
 I'm missing an ear-tip now.
Back then I had two complete.... well, it's too painful to mention what.
 I'm really missing them now.
Back then I had some scratches on my nose from my fights.
I don't have them now.
Back then I was 5 years younger.
I'm 5 years older now, and you can tell.

Back then I was loved by everyone and virus free.
Now I'm a taboo and have FIV.

Life is tough, but Ani says we're in this together.
Let's dance with the rhythm, shall we?


Here are some FIV facts:

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