Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out again!

I had a fight with Poonjoo a few days ago. Ani was outside cleaning up the mess the wind had created. She heard a cat fight going on inside and ran in with the broom in her hand. She saw me and Poonjoo rolling around fighting. There was spilled water and kibbles all over the place, and somehow (I don't know how?) the table cover was on the floor. She used the broom to separate us, and instead of going after Poonjoo, she went after me!!?? Why me? It's not my fault he bumped into me!!! ...That was it. I've been grounded since then.

I am out again, but Ani is watching me like a hawk. There are leaves everywhere outside. I played a little with one. I groomed a little and then got bored very quickly. So, what's a cat  to do? I went back inside to take a nap.... on the cat board. Ani missed it again how I got up there, and I'm not telling her.


Cheryl said...

Don't worry Pasha, we know it's that sissy Ponjoo's fault!!!

Everycat said...

Pasha, please take care and avoid spats with other cats. You look so handsome outside in the sun playing with the leaves.

Gerry & Oliver