Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mr. Hopper!

Guess who made an appearance again today?
Mr. Hopper, of course... he was up for the shock of his life.
He thought staying away from us kitties is safe enough.
Little did he know about Ani's silly knowledge of hoppers!
You see, Ani told me their secret;
If you put a stick of grass in a hopper's mouth, they'll "smoke" it!
It sounds crazy! I know, but Ani was determined to give it a try!

I will let Mr. Hopper take it over to let you know what happened.

It's me, Mr. Hopper here!

 You wouldn't believe what happened to me today?

 Out of all the houses on this street, I just had to pick the one with the crazy lady!
She came to me with a stick in her hand! 
"What the heck! What's this?" 
"Hey! you loco woman! that's not my mouth!"
"Oh boy!!!"

"HEY!!!  @*%$ $&*(@#* $$*^@#  $%#*%&$"
 *Sorry if I mis-spelled anything. The stupid spell-check is not working!
"I can't believe this!!!! I am out of here!!!"


Prancer Pie said...

Hey, we have a few thousand hoppers you can try this out, on!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Oh lovely Pasha!! Your Ani is wise and wonderful!! LOL!! We love Mr Hopper and his blade of grass adventures! Yay! Take care

Katnip Lounge said...

aaiieeeeeee!! Hoppers give Mommy the willies. We forced her to read us his was FUN watching her squirm. Better luck with another hopper!