Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pasha the promoter!

Hi everyone!
I will be talking about one of my favorite things today!

You know that thing called food that everybody loves, be it a furry or a peep!
I'm no vegetarian myself, and neither is Ani.
However, Auntie Kate is, and she is a retired professional Chef!
I am promoting Auntie Kate's new E-books on vegetarian cooking!
Yummy stuff, even though I'm more into fish, and beef and chicken!
Here is where you can find all of These yummy recipes, and you can't beat the prices.
If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free App for PC's here.
Auntie Kate will be adding tons and tons and tons and tons (that's a lot) more recipes to her E-book page on Amazon.
I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for looking!

Bone Appetite!!!


Prancer Pie said...

We'll check it out! Mommy would love to become a vegetarian, but we don't support her in that venture at all! MOL! Great last pic, Pasha. xoxo

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Oh Pasha, you're in the commercials now! We love the last pix!!

Kate said...

Oh Pasha!
You sly boy you! Someday I'm coming to your house and I'll grill up some mousies for you for being such a great guy! They won't be made from tofu either!
Thanks for reading my books!
Auntie Kate & her little pal Martin too!

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Pasha!! Yay!! Charlie also blows raspberries at all things vegetarian but I'm a vegie gal so yay for your auntie Katie and her recipe books!!! Take care

Pretinha said...

Surely Aunt Kate will get good results with a cat Pasha advertising gorgeous as you. I knew you took way to model.

The Island Cats said...

We're all meat eaters here...but the mom always loves to find some good vegetarian recipes. We'll have her check it out!

That's Purrfect said...

Bone appetite!! Love that!