Monday, October 15, 2012

Pasha's adoptesary!

Hi Everyone!
I have many exciting things to share!
First of all I've received another award!
This is my third award.
Sherlock, Traveler and Ash from Feline Purrspective gave it to us!
Thank you so very much!
 Look at this sweet thing!
We don't want our friends to be shy, and anyone who doesn't have this please grab it!
I specially pass it on to my BBF (best bloggie friend) Jasper!
If you haven't been there you should go check them out. It's all about 3 1/2 kitties.... Don't ask!
It was one year ago on the National Feral Cat Day on 10/16 that Ani finally came to her senses and realized she can't live without me, so she officially adopted me as her son!
We're celebrating it as my birthday now!
Happy Birthday to me!!!
Sweet (The wild girl of the gang) has brought me a very nice present last night!
You wanna know what it is?
It's a real live mousie!
She caught it herself, but Ani took it from her and put it in the bathroom.
I saw her taking bunch of food to the bathroom for the mousie.
I think she is fattening it up before she can give it to me for my birthday!
Ani is rolling her eyes! It must be a sign of confirmation.... I can't wait :)
We do have pictures of the mousie, but Ani doesn't want to post it!
She says it's a little damaged, but she thinks it will get fixed!
That's good. That way I'll have a nice fresh fat present!
Ani has been trying for days to take some pictures with me, but I haven't been very cooperative!
Finally she decided to sit next to me instead of picking me up!

Ay mio Dios! She is sitting on my tail!


Jasper Jazzbones said...

Happy Birfday Pasha and thanks for the award!! I can't wait to see it on my bloggie.
Your BBF,

Sparkle said...

Happy gotcha day, Pasha!

Prancer Pie said...

Happy Adoptersary, Pasha! Great pics. Let us know how it goes wif the mousie. Sumthin tells us he's gonna make an escape!

Red Puff said...

Yay, I remember that exact post this time last year - Happy Adoptersary Pasha! Maybe Sima your darling black lobster will bring you a prezzy too.

Love you guys :)

Old Kitty said...

Purrfect Pasha!! Happy happy happy Birthday and Gotcha Day and Adoptersary!! Awwwww!! We hope you have other tastier treats that poor Mr Mousie!! LOL!!

Take care

The Island Cats said...

Congrats on your sweet award, Pasha! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY...GOTHCA DAY...ADOPTESARY..whatever you want to call it!!

Pretinha said...

Feliz Adoptesary Pasha! Queremos ver a foto de seu presente antes de você devorá-lo. As fotos ficaram boas afinal.

Cathy Keisha said...

Happy Gotcha Day Pasha.

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Pee Ess: Moms says you're still so handsome.

Adoptesary, MOL!

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Mr. Black said...

Do you realize how much you look like a bobcat (aka Lynx)?

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Happy Birthday!!