Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pasha's new friend!!!

I made a new friend!
I was in my daily walk yesterday when suddenly....

Well, Hello there Mr. Green-legs!


How would you like to come play with me a bit?!
No, thank you! You go away now!


≈≈ You sit there and stare at the wall!! ≈≈


≈≈ I stick to the wall and stare at you?!!! ≈≈
≈≈Nooo, you got it all wrong! ≈≈


 ≈≈ Sit up and stare to your right! ≈≈


 ≈≈ I sit up and stare to my right!! ≈≈


Yeah that's right, keep on staring you bozo!!


I can't believe it's working! He is totally in a trans!


 ≈≈ you like Mr. Green-legs. He is your good friend! ≈≈


Oh dear, I gotta get outta here before he snaps out of it!


 Oh my goodness, there is a black one in there too!!! I need to run!!!


 Goodbye Mr. Green legs!!! Have a nice Thanks-giving!
You bet'ya, you big bozo!


He was such a nice guy! Wasn't he?




Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Interesting fella... Hope he visits again!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sparkle said...

MOL! We don't get them much out here, sadly. My human has never seen one do its little wing trick. I've never seen one at all... although one grew up in my backyard for a while.

Prancer Pie said...

We can't believe you let him walk away. We would have deaded him fast!

Red Puff said...

I think according to this that it's really Pasha who is the nice guy.

The Island Cats said...

We're impressed at how nice you were to Mr. Green Legs, Pasha. We might not have been. ;)

Marilia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mr. Black said...

Oh, that was great! Like an adventure story!

Pretinha said...

I would like your new friend come between my claws hehe.
Happy Thanksgiving!

cats of wildcat woods said...

We woulda ate him!!! Mom's just getting home from work so we are late. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

michico*Adan said...

Mr. Green Legs looks a little bit nervous, haha~~
But I am sure you are showing your best good attention to him~!!! You are so adorable~~

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Cathy Keisha said...

What the hell was that? A praying mantis or daddy long legs or something? Did he bribe you not to eat him? Happy Thanksgiving.

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Oh that's hysterical. What an adventure!!