Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi Everyone!
You wouldn't believe what Sweet did today!
Don't let that name fool you. She is the wild one!
She had an appointment today to go to you know where!
Ani put the little innocent sweet kitty in the PTU (pet transporting unit)!
They arrived to the VET without any major incidents.
A clueless brave soul came and took her with the PTU to a room in the back.
They were going to steal her blood, or so they thought!!!!
Next thing you know the same dude came out panting and sweating a few minutes later to inform Ani they can't take her blood!
Ani acted was very surprised, how such thing could possibly be!!!!
After all she is called "Sweet" for a reason!
They had to ask Ani to go to the back room to help them with the "situation"!
As it turned out the little 7 pound innocent cute kitty was on the floor under the desk growling and attacking everybody, and I mean everybody!!!
She even scratched Ani's hand :)
They refused to steal her blood without anesthetics, and Ani refused that!
After all they are professionals. They should know how to handle a little kitty!
Well, get this! Sweet managed to fight her way out of losing some blood!
She came back home fully loaded, with all of her blood intact and all!!
It took 3 men over  15 minutes to finally catch her and put her back in the PTU!
She got a red stamp on her chart :)
Nobody messes with this kitty!!!


Prancer Pie said...

Sweet, you definitely know how to get your way. We are in awe of you and a red stamp on your chart! Concats!

Sparkle said...

The red stamp is a badge of honor!

looloo said...

What a kitty! But maybe it was necessary to have some of her blood...

Mr. Black said...

Oh, yes. The lady used to work at a vet's office. One of the reasons she doesn't anymore is she just couldn't stand to use 'force' on kitties. One thing the vet did do, which was good, is that if a kitty was going to bite, scratch and be very upset, he would enclose the carrier and pump a little gas in there to make kitty drowsy. That usually worked. Or, they have to be put in a rabies cage that has this moveable part to sort of squash them in the back of the cage so they can't move and then they inject them with a sedative.

It is very hard to grab an unwilling cat. You could end up really hurting the cat (never mind yourself).

Poor Sweet. She would have gotten the big ol' CAUTION!!! in bold, highlighted letters at my old place of employment.

Katnip Lounge said...

Sweet, girlfriend, you RULE! Although we are sorry you had to endure such an awful time...poor baby.

The Island Cats said...

Haha! Sweet sounds like our Zoey! She has all the vets scared of her. They can get bloods out of her, but only from her back leg, and not from the neck area which they would normally do. And Zoey only weighs about 9 pounds!!

Old Kitty said...

Sweet!! Awwww you adorable Sweet!!! Awwww what trauma for you!!! You must have been so frightened, poor baby! But it's not your fault!! We hope you give her lots of purrs and licks, handsome Pasha!! Take care

Pretinha said...

Wow! What do you have to have a pretty angry.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Aww, poor gentle, sweet Sweet! Did those mean ol' people be mean to you? Then make up rumors that you're mean?? Shocked! yes, I am shocked! That face is too sweet to be mean! That face says "I'm a delicate little flower who wouldn't harm a fly" disregard any scratches.. MOL
I hope everything was alright even though they didn't get the bloods.

Everycat said...

Sweet you are awesome, we salute you. Excellent work.

Gerry & Mungo