Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pasha competing with Raven!

Ani featuring Raven, the neighbor's cat:

Hey!!!! some privacy please!!!!!

Wait a minute! This isn't Raven's blog! It's mine, and it has to be featuring ME!
 What's it gonna take to get me back on the track? I can do lots of things, you know...

I can roll on my back!
I can do a double roll with my paws up!

Hey, move those weeds!! They are ruining my demonstration!

I can touch my nose with my tongue again!

Ani: Yeah, but can you turn black like Raven?

I need to go figure out how to do that!!!


Prancer Pie said...

You don't need to figure out anything, Pasha! Our Mommy was lost to your charms when you showed those adorable paws!

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Pasha! You do so many amazing things, me and Charlie are in super duper AWE! Yay!!

We think gorgeous Raven is just adorable too! Take care

Katnip Lounge said...

hmmmm, we bet if you roall in some coal dust you'll not only turn black, but you'll get LOTS of attention...hee hee!

Repositório said...

Hahhaa!! Lovely Pasha!

Knatolee said...

Don't worry Pasha, you are still #1!