Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pasha's boo boo!

I was a big-brave-nagging-boy today. I went to the VET. I got lots of attention and scritches. They stole some of my blood, and they said it looked very good. Of course, what else were they expecting? They looked inside my mouth, and it looked good too. Ani took a picture, but it came out little blurry. She thinks it's because the VET lady jinxed her, and told her she takes really good pictures :)

Here is the boo boo in my mouth before (5  months ago)↓...

...., and here it is today!↓

There is still some redness around my teeth in the gum line, but the back of my mouth is all pink and healthy :) Yay!!!! I had also gained about 2 lbs :)


looloo said...

Good news, dear Pasha, I am so happy to hear this!

Have a nice day!

Smoochies to all of you!

Prancer Pie said...

Woo-hoo! We luf good news from the vet! Way to go, Pasha. Happy Monday. xoxo

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Pasha! You deserve lots of cuddles and treats for being such a good boy at the VETs!! Yay!! Keep getting better, please! Take care

Repositório said...

ConCats Pasha!!!!!!!!! Your mouth is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Yay! Great news Pasha!!