Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasha the hunter!

Ani doesn't buy the gang any more mousies. She says they get lost in the first minute, and the tails end up in poops! However, Sweet hunted a real live, flying, jumping, bouncing grasshoppie and brought it inside the house to play with it. There was Sweet running after the grasshoppie, and the rest of us running after Sweet, and Ani running outside....Heh, go figure!

That prompted Ani to go buy some new mousies, so no more hoppies can come in.

Sweet completely ignored them. She is a real hunter that wild girl.
"These are kitten toys" she said.

Ani decided to give me one of the mousies, so I could have some play time.

I was not impressed with a toy mousie!...

....but then I figured, ok let's give it a push!

Would you believe it? That mousie started to move!!...

... and I kept following it, trying to stop it!

I put my paw in front of it, and it stopped!...
... but then it managed to get moving again, and tried to run away!

I laid in front of it under the chair to block its escape!

It managed to get out again, but I was on its tail!

It tried to run into the bushes....

... but I was able to snatch it out of there!

I flipped it in the air, and it came down nose first!...

.... and to make sure I deaded it, I sat on it!!!

No mousies will dare to mess with me again!!!


Prancer Pie said...

That will teach that mousie! Mommy says that's exactly what happens wif our mousie tails, too! HaHaMeow!

Old Kitty said...

Amazing Pasha!! You are a great hunter!! Look at you deading that mousie! Yay for you! Me and Charlie are in super AWE!

Oh but Sweet!! We bow to her fabulous fierceness!

Take care

Repositório said...

You´re the best hunter!!!!!!!!!!!