Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cat-Olympics are on!

The games are on! We've been busy watching the Olympics, and that's not the only games that are on. We've been watching the cat-Olympics as well. We have made entries in 4 different cat-e-gories.

Sweet has already been featured in the competitive napping field, but I will have to wait for my turn. they are doing it alphabetically.

This is Sweet's entry.

Sima, Moonjoo and Sweet have paw-tee-see-pated in Team lounging, and they have already been featured.

This is their entry.

Sima and I also entered for the balance beam. We have already been featured.

This is Sima's entry.

and this is my entry.... keep in mind I have a bad back :)

Even Poonjoo made an entry. He entered for fierceful yawning.
Ani says this was her favorite cat-e-gory. She laughed and laughed looking at all paw-tee-see-pants.

This is Poonjoo's entry.

I'm watching everybody very closely.

May all kitties win!!!


Prancer Pie said...

What great entries! Good luck in your category. We think you're already winners! xoxo

Old Kitty said...

Yayayyaayyayayayy!!! You are all gorgeous winners!!! Gold medals all round and extra treats too!! GOOD LUCK!!! Take care

Katnip Lounge said...

We have had so much fun, watch the furries and the human games!
Pasha, we didn't know you had a poorly back. What happened?

Repositório said...

Good luck!!!!!

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Oh Pasha, all of the entries you listed are *fab*, but maybe I'm just biased because you're my BBF (Best Bloggy Friend), but I think you're gonna win the GOLD.
I'm rooting for you!!

cattywumpus said...

What a talented crew! I am pawsitive you will all win medals!