Friday, July 13, 2012

Pasha's security scratcher!

An old worn out scratcher for a kitty is just like an old torn out security blanket for a child!
I luv my ol' scratcher and will not let go of it!

It's got my scent all over it and smells very homey!

Leave me alone now!
 Nobody can take my scratcher away from me!


Everycat said...

The best things are the old, well loved things, always!

Tia and Millie said...

Pasha, I don't got nothin old of my very own yet acuz I is still a real tiny babycat but the Milliecat telled me about a shoe box that she finded when she was a tiny babycat and she keeped that all the way up till she was a very big cat! That's a loooong time, but she loved it so much.

Thank you for stopping by to say hi. I'll come play with you whenever you want! I like to play


Jasper Jazzbones said...

I feel the same way Pasha!
No wonder your my BBF
(best bloggy friend)


Repositório said...

You´re so cute Pasha!!!!!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're with you, Pasha. The old, broke-in, well-sented toys are usually the best fun.