Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pasha's Camouflage!

We ran out of nom nom!
Who would create such a shock for a kitty?

So, we had to send Ani to the pet store to get us our essentials!
Now, the problem with Ani is that she gets easily distracted!
You'd think she would hurry up and rush us the food.
After all, we were all near starvation!

But no, she had to stop and take lousy pictures of some yummy Lizards!

3 of them... stacked up on top of each other!
At least she could have brought them for us!

What's the big deal? so what if they can blend in with their surroundings!

I can camouflage perfectly with the dirt area in the back yard too!

Look! you can barely see my paws!

Pee-ESS: the food arrived in time and all kitties were saved (for now).


Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Pasha!! Awwww mum must learn to not get distracted when on a mission to get you some yummy noms, no matter how gorgeous and amazing the distractions are! LOL! Take care

Everycat said...

Poor Pasha, it's time you all started holding your tummies in real tight at all times so Ani is constantly aware of the need to keep the Noms cupboard fully stocked.

Ani, repeat after us please...
"an empty tummy is a sad tummy"

Tee hee!

Jasper Jazzbones said...

Have you tried fresh birdie or mousie? I'm telling you, there's nothing better for when the noms aren't in the bowlies!

And just to make the point, I've put the birdie in the bowlie and ate it all up. Except for the head and feet, yuck!

Then moms got the noms...