Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A slap in the face!

Can you see my right eye? I got slapped in the face by Sima ... again. Ani keeps giggling while washing my eye with black tea, but I find nothing funny about it. Next week I'm going back to the VET to have more of my blood tests sent to Dallas. They will have to also look at this to make sure all is well.


Sima is the mom of all other cats, but to me she is one hot mama!!!! Ani keeps telling me I have to leave her alone, since she is a senior and has no interest in mancats any more. I beg the differ. She keeps coming on to me, and then slaps me in the face when I get close to her. Even tough the "vet" lady has chopped off my jewels,  I'm not a bit effected by it. I'm still very much a catladies' catman.

 Just look at her......... purrrrrrr!!!!!

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Everycat said...

Pasha, no hotblooded mancat could resist the beautiful Sima. We couldn't and we don't have our jewels either.

Sending you purrs to help that eye heal up big fella

Gerry & Oliver