Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa's points to Pasha!

Thanks to my good friends who left me "nice" comments, I was able to score some more points to be able to keep my beloved scratcher, and get a nice BIG present for Christmas!
Thank you friends!!!
I wanted to have a chat with Santa to tell him I've been good!
Hey Santa!!! It's me Pasha! I've been "nice" most of the year, and I wanted to make sure you know that.
What's that? ............. Wow!!!
I love you too Santa!!!
He said he's giving me extra "nice" points!!!
I think I'm gonna be able to keep my scratcher!
Pasha's score:
Nice: 22 (previous) + 6 (new, yes my comment counts too) + double all points (from Santa) = 56
Naughty: 1 (forgiven due to "nice" comments) - 1 = 0
points needed: 194


Kimi n Punchy said...

Even Santa knows that you are o....so very, very nice!!


Of course you're "nice"!!

The Florida Furkids

Sparkle said...

Can I give you extra points? Like maybe 193 extra ones? Then you will only need one more!

Prancer Pie said...

Aren't Wednesdays double points days? HaHaMeow!

Old Kitty said...

Perfect Pasha!!! We are useless at maths but we think you scored 100% extra good points for Santa x a million! Yay!! Take care

Mr. Black said...

Those are really NICE photos of you. And, I enjoyed your brief, but very NICE conversation with Santa. And, that is a NICE bench you are sitting on. And, the sun shine made for a very NICE day.

Pretinha said...

Pasha beautiful photos! Remember when you got that friend Mr. Green Legs? I would have eaten it, but you were a good boy letting him go, so I think it is also worth points.